List of “A” Grade Pharmacist’s registration certificate:

This is to notify that, “A” Grade Pharmacist’s registration certificate for the following applicants is ready to collect from Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh.

From A-12836-A-12952


From A-7112 (Irregular)


From A-12137 to A-12836  From A-4442 to A-10608 (Irregular)
From A-11437 to A-12136


  From A-10337 to A-11436

  From A-4441 to A-11000 (Irregular)

From A-8337 to A-9336  From A-9337 to A-10336
From A-7337 to A-8336  From A-4396 to A-7330 (Irregular)
                                                               Spelling Corrected List
From A-6337 to A-7336 From A-4401 to A-6321 (Irregular)
Spelling Corrected List
From A-5353 to A-6336 A-2581   (Previously Applied)   
                                 From A-4367 to 5350   (Irregular
  Spelling Corrected List
From A-4353 to A-5352 From A-2501 to A-2936   (Previously Applied)
  Speeling Corrected List




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